FEBAS - BASNET Identity Federation
In briefAn Identity Federation (Federation) is an association of organizations that come together to exchange information, as appropriate, about their users and resources in order to enable collaborations and transactions. The BASNET Identity Federation named FEBAS (the Federation) is introduced to facilitate and simplify the introduction of shared services across the Federation. The Federation relies on Home Organizations/Identity Providers to correctly and accurately assert information about the identity of End Users to Service Providers, that may use that information to grant (or deny) access to the services and resources they offer to End Users.
Participants in BelarusUIIP NASB
Access in Belarus * UIIP NASB, Akademicheskaja, 25, Minsk
For usersNational federation policy by UIIP NASB
eduGAIN policy
Services available in FEBAS Identity Federation (under development)1 Technical rules, computer incidents handling procedure and network structure information of the academic network BASNET - wiki.basnet.by
2 BASNET skifport service of web applications for accessing and working in Grid - skifport.grid.by.
3 HPC resources with unified access interface for users of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus - grid.basnet.by
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